I’m going to start off by saying that even with my great love for typography, I’m horrible at naming fonts…especially fonts I don’t use often. These both look like a bastard child of Cloister and Old English. I could be wrong. Feel free to correct me. Until then, I’ll call them bastards.

So, bastard child on the top left was taken around the corner from where I live now. It’s the back of the Cuyahoga Falls High School facing their football field. The letters are hand painted (with a white drop shadow!) on corrugated metal. What a job that must have been. It seems to have been done in the late 70s or early 80s. I’m not sure if it’s the way the sun is hitting the letters or just my love of extra large letterforms, but i love the look and the texture.

Bastard child on the top right is a detail of a small wooden sign guarding an abandoned alley off of Bourbon Street in New Orleans. I don’t even remember what the message was on the sign. I just remember thinking that it looked like the letters were hand painted using white-out. I love the distressed weathered wood and how it has had its way with the letters.

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