Ahhh, safety. One of my favorite topics for the illustrations alone. They never let me down. I was in Boston several years ago for the AIGA conference and came across this sign on the side of a ship. The sign is huge. I’m horrible at math but i’m 5’7″ and it’s about 3x the size of me, so whatever that equates to..huge, right? What makes the sign even more awesome is it’s 3 dimensional. The white ‘OUCH’ cloud and the dude in pain are separate pieces of wood affixed to the sign to further emphasize that “it shouldn’t happen to a dog”. (wtf?!) Not sure how a dog fits into that but whatever. How can you argue when it’s done so well?! I love the colors (perfect fit for the Boston harbor) and the illustrations are right on. If you click on the image, you’ll see the type above the word ‘Shoes’ says Visit the Safety Shoe Store and yet there is no address or phone number (how out of place would a web address look on this sign?!). I find that interesting but if I needed safety shoes, I’d make an effort to track down the Safety Shoe Store, from that illustration alone.

I’m new to Akron, I’ve been here 7 months. I have driven past the Self Defense building about 6 times now and everytime I’m more and more amazed by it. The building is located a few blocks from downtown Akron. It definitely stands out from the surrounding brick buildings. Illustrations and hand rendered type wrap around the building and each one is more hilarious than the one before it. The illustration above is by far my favorite. Look at her hair! her shoes! the lightening bolt shock waves! I love it all. I’m guessing the only reason he’s able to stand in the midst of being tasered and sprayed with mase is because he’s wearing Safety Shoes.


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